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Vol 128, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Covers - Editorial Board and Publication Information PDF


Distribution and abundance of benthic macroinvertebrates and zooplankton in lakes in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada, Nova Scotia PDF
Christina Nussbaumer, Neil M. Burgess, Russ C. Weeber 1-24
An illustrated key to the mandibles of small mammals of eastern Canada PDF Illustrated Key
Dominique Fauteux, Gilles Lupien, François Fabianek, Jonathan Gagnon, Marion Séguy, Louis Imbeau 25-37
Characteristics of Barred Owl (Strix varia) nest sites in Manitoba, Canada PDF
Todd M. Whiklo, James R. Duncan 38-43
Yellow Warblers (Setophaga petechia) rear second broods in some years at Delta Marsh, Manitoba PDF
Spencer G. Sealy 44-49
Asynchronous breeding and variable embryonic development period in the threatened Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens) in the Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada: conservation and management implications PDF
Lea A. Randall, Lynne D. Chalmers, Axel Moehrenschlager, Anthony P. Russell 50-56
Diet of the Pacific Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus) in the Salish Sea, British Columbia, in the 1960s PDF
J. Mark Hipfner, Moira Galbraith 57-62
Melanistic diversity in the Maritime Gartersnake, Thamnophis sirtalis pallidulus, in Nova Scotia, Canada PDF
John Gilhen, Fred W. Scott 63-71


Thickness of Common Murre (Uria aalge) eggshells in Atlantic Canada PDF
Donald W. Pirie-Hay, Alexander L. Bond 72-76
The most northerly Black Witch (Ascalapha odorata): a tropical moth in the Canadian Arctic PDF
Torbjørn Ekrem, Peter G. Kevan, Thomas S. Woodcock, Paul D. N. Hebert 77-79
Multiple crossings of a large glacial river by Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) PDF
Dashiell Feierabend, Knut Kielland 80-83

Tributes and Obituaries

A tribute to Kenneth William Stewart, 1936–2011 PDF
Francis R. Cook 84-90

Book Reviews

"Into the Night: Tales of Nocturnal Wildlife Expeditions" edited by Rick A. Adams. 2013. [book review] PDF
Burton K. Lim 91-92
"Owls" by Marianne Taylor. 2012. [book review] PDF
Renate Sander-Regier 92
"A Pocket Guide to Salamanders of Pennsylvania" by Walter E. Meshaka, Jr., and Joseph T. Collins. 2012. [book review] PDF
Francis R. Cook 93
"Snapper" by Brian Kimberling. 2013. [book review] PDF
Ron Brooks 93-95
"The Crossley ID Guide to Britain and Ireland" by Richard Crossley and Dominic Couzens. 2013. [book review] PDF
Roy John 95
"The Warbler Guide" by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. 2013. [book review] PDF
Mark Gawn 96
"Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem" by Paul A. Johnsgard. 2013. [book review] PDF
Jim O'Neill 96-97
"Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem" by Paul A. Johnsgard. 2013. [book review] PDF
Jonathan Way 97-98
"Field Manual of Michigan Flora" by E. G. Voss, and A. A. Reznicek. 2013. [book review] PDF
Holly J. Bickerton 99
"North Pacific Temperate Rainforests: Ecology and Conservation" edited by Gordon H. Orians and John W. Schoen. 2013. [book review] PDF
Cyndi M. Smith 100-101
"A Love Affair With the Birds: The Life of Thomas Sadler Roberts" by Sue Leaf. 2013. [book review] PDF
C. Stuart Houston 101-103
"Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science" by Gene Shinn. 2013. [book review] PDF
Alwynne B. Beaudoin 103-104
"Tracks and Shadows: Field Biology as Art" by Harry W. Greene. 2013. [book review] PDF
David Seburn 104-105
"Alfred Russel Wallace (2013) On the Organic Law of Change: A Facsimile Edition and Annotated Transcription of Alfred Russel Wallace’s Species Notebook of 1855–1859" annotated by James T. Costa. 2013. [book review] PDF
Alwynne B. Beaudoin 105-107
New titles PDF
Roy John 108-109

News and Comment

Meetings: Canadian Botanical Association 2014; International Conference on Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development 2014; Botany 2014 PDF

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