Conservation Evaluation of Small-flowered Lipocarpha, Lipocarpha micrantha (Cyperaceae), in Canada


  • Tyler W. Smith Royal Botanical Gardens, P. O. Box 399, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3H8
  • George W. Douglas Conservation Data Centre, British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Terrestrial Information Branch, P. O. Box 9993 Station Provincial Government, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 9R7
  • Allan G. Harris Northern Bioscience, 136 S. Hill Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 3V1



Small-flowered Lipocarpha, Lipocarpha micrantha, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, endangered, distribution, population size


In Canada, Lipocarpha micrantha has been documented at eight locations in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. Four of these populations have apparently been extirpated. The remaining populations, ranging from 120 to approximately 40000 plants, are all northern disjuncts from the main range of this species. Threats to these populations include water level regulation and shoreline development. Considering the threats to the habitat of Lipocarpha micrantha, and the small size of most of the remaining populations, it has been designated an Endangered species in Canada.