Diversity and Distribution of the Terrestrial Mammals of the Yukon Territory: A Review

Brian G. Slough, Thomas S. Jung


The diversity and distribution of the terrestrial mammals of the Yukon has not been systematically reviewed since 1975, a time when the occurrences of many species were not well known. Since then, single species and community studies, biological collections and expert observations have increased our knowledge of the land mammals of the Yukon. Taxonomic studies have resulted in some additional species. We provide an update on the diversity and distribution of recent land mammals of the Yukon, including previously unreported range extensions, and include a revised checklist. Research in adjoining jurisdictions has contributed more hypothetical species for the Yukon. The mammalian fauna of the Yukon is in a relatively dynamic state, and human-induced changes, particularly climate warming, will undoubtedly influence mammalian diversity and distributions in the coming decades.


biological diversity; Beringia; checklist; distribution; Mammalia; Yukon

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22621/cfn.v121i2.434

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