The Hepatic Flora and Floristic Affinity of Hepatics Around Takakia Lake, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia

Won Shic Hong


The known hepatic flora of the Takakia Lake area consists of 66 species, 2 subspecies, and 2 varieties, in 30 genera and 18 families. Thirty-seven taxa (51.8%) of the total 70 taxa present are boreal in distribution. Seven taxa (10.1%) are western North American and Amphi-Pacific elements. This clearly demonstrates that the greatest diversity of western North American hepatics occurs between 45°–55°N and between 120°–135°W which includes the lake (Hong 1988). Other distribution patterns include a taxon which is a North American boreal endemic and one which is a North American temperate endemic; two are cosmopolitan and disjunct montane; three are circumtemperate and circum-montane; six are temperate disjunct; eight are arctic and alpine; fourteen are boreal disjunct and twenty-three are circumboreal.


Hepatics; Takakia Lake; Queen Charlotte Islands; British Columbia

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