Conservation Evaluation of Slender Collomia, Collomia tenella, in Canada

George W. Douglas, Jenifer L. Penny


In Canada, Slender Collomia, Collomia tenella, is restricted to the Princeton area in southwestern British Columbia. The single population represents the northern limits of the species, which ranges from southwestern British Columbia, south in the western United States to Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Oregon. In British Columbia, C. tenella is associated with an eroded section of a steeply sloping, southeast-facing sandy ridge. Population numbers fluctuate and in some years plants fail to appear. The major threats to C. tenella are through drilling for coalbed methane gas, sand removal for road construction, housing development and off-road recreational vehicles.


Slender Collomia; Collomia tenella; endangered; distribution; population size; British Columbia

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