Conservation Evaluation of the Prairie Lupine, Lupinus lepidus var. lepidus, in Canada

George W. Douglas, Michael Ryan


In Canada, Prairie Lupine, Lupinus lepidus var. lepidus, is restricted to southeastern Vancouver Island. Of the nine sites where it has been collected, five are extirpated and the status of two of the populations is uncertain. There are two extant populations; some of the other sites may contain the species in the seed bank. Some of the sites are protected to a certain extent from direct habitat destruction by their remote location, although introduced herbaceous species may pose a serious threat by preventing the establishment of the species at other sites. Fire suppression or the lack of other types of disturbance also likely plays a role in discouraging emergence of Lupinus lepidus.


Prairie Lupine; Lupinus lepidus; endangered; distribution; population size; British Columbia

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