Conditions for Sexual Interactions Between Wild Grey Wolves, Canis lupus, and Coyotes, Canis latrans

Richard P. Thiel


Genetic evidence for the hybridization of wild Grey Wolves and Coyotes was first reported by Lehmann et al (1991). Subsequent genetic and landscape-environmental analyses have attempted to grasp the extent of Wolf-Coyote crosses in North America. Since Wolves are normally territorial and thus aggressive towards Coyotes, hybridization events remain rare, not withstanding the taxonomic debates regarding Canis in eastern Ontario. In this paper I report on amicable interactions between Wolves and Coyotes observed in Wisconsin in recent decades and discuss circumstances that may lead to pairing between individuals of the two species.


Grey Wolf; Canis lupus; Coyote; Canis latrans; interactions; hybridization; Wisconsin; Upper Great Lakes region

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