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First record of Crithidia expoeki (Trypanosomatida: Trypanosomatidae) from native Canadian bumble bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombus)

Kirsten M. Palmier, Amber D. Tripodi, Andrew D.S. Cameron, James P. Strange, Cory S. Sheffield


Bumble bees (Bombus Latrielle: Apidae) are important pollinators; however, declines of several species have been documented worldwide. Although pathogens have been linked to some declines, the biology, distribution, and impacts of most pathogens are poorly understood. Here, we report the first record of a recently characterized protozoan pathogen, Crithidia expoeki Schmid-Hempel & Tognazzo (Trypanosomatida: Trypanosomatidae), from bumble bees in Canada. This provides further insight on its global distribution and importance as a threat to bumble bees in Canada.


Crithidia; bumble bees; pathogens; Canadian distribution

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