First recorded co-occurrence of Valvata lewisi Currier, 1868 and Valvata lewisi ontariensis Baker, 1931 (Gastropoda: Valvatidae) from Alberta, Canada, with notes on morphometric and genetic variability


  • Robert P. Hinchliffe Royal Alberta Museum
  • Cheryl Tebby Royal Alberta Museum
  • Tyler P. Cobb Royal Alberta Museum



Distribution, range extension, Alberta, Valvatidae, Valvata, Valvata lewisi, Valvata lewisi ontariensis, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, ABMI


Sympatric populations of Loosely Coiled Valve Snail (Valvata lewisi ontariensis Baker, 1931) and Fringed Valvata (Valvata lewisi Currier, 1868) are documented from Alberta, Canada, for the first time. Both forms have been identified concurrently in aquatic invertebrate survey samples collected from three wetlands in northeastern Alberta by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. Molecular analysis (DNA barcodes) indicates that there is no genetic distinction between V. lewisi (sensu stricto) and V. lewisi var. ontariensis. Morphometric measurements show that the degree of open coiling, the character that defines V. lewisi var. ontariensis, is highly variable in Alberta specimens. Our findings confirm that V. lewisi var. ontariensis is a phenotypic morph of V. lewisi.

Author Biographies

Robert P. Hinchliffe, Royal Alberta Museum

Invertebrate Zoology/Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist

Cheryl Tebby, Royal Alberta Museum

Invertebrate Zoology/Aquatic Invertebrate Technician

Tyler P. Cobb, Royal Alberta Museum

Invertebrate Zoology/Curator