Orthoptera and allies in the Maritime provinces, Canada: new records and updated provincial checklists


  • John Klymko Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
  • Paul Catling
  • Jeffrey B. Ogden
  • Robert W. Harding
  • Donald F. McAlpine New Brunswick Museum
  • Sarah L. Robinson Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
  • Denis A. Doucet Fundy National Park
  • Christoper I.G. Adam




Orthopteroid, Orthoptera, Dermaptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Maritime provinces, new species, range extensions


We provide an updated checklist of Orthoptera and their allies for each Maritime province of Canada with details for 21 new species records. Drumming Katydid (Meconema thalassinum), recorded from Nova Scotia (NS) and Prince Edward Island (PEI), and Sprinkled Grasshopper (Chloealtis conspersa), recorded from New Brunswick (NB) are reported for the first time from the Maritimes as a whole. We report range extensions in the Maritime region for Australian Cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae; NB), Treetop Bush Katydid (Scudderia fasciata; NS), Short-legged Camel Cricket (Ceuthophilus brevipes; PEI), Spotted Camel Cricket (Ceuthophilus maculatus; PEI), Roesel’s Shield-backed Katydid (Roeseliana roesellii; NS), and Black-horned Tree Cricket (Oecanthus nigricornis; PEI). Short-winged Mole Cricket (Neoscapteriscus abbreviatus; NB) and European Mole Cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa; NS) are reported as adventives (non-native species that are believed to be not yet established), new to Canada from the Maritimes. Other new records for species not known to be established are Lined Earwig (Doru taeniatum; NS), Australian Cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae; PEI), American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana; NB), Brown Cockroach (Periplaneta brunnea; PEI), Smooth Cockroach (Nyctibora laevigata; NB), West Indian Leaf Cockroach (Blaberus discoidalis; NB), an unidentified Parcoblatta species (NB), Brown-banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa; PEI), Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa; NB), and American Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca americana; NS).

Author Biographies

John Klymko, Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre


Donald F. McAlpine, New Brunswick Museum

Research Curator (Zoology) & Head

Department of Natural Science

Sarah L. Robinson, Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre

Community Ecologist

Denis A. Doucet, Fundy National Park

Interpretation Officer-Coordinator