Estimating the Age of Male Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) Using Baculum Measurements

Liza R Walleser, Shawn M Crimmins, Nathan M Roberts


Morphological characteristics of the bacula of 62 Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) harvested in Wisconsin were related to age estimates generated from cementum annuli analyses. Baculum analysis suggested that 47 of 62 wolves (75.8%) were correctly classified as the appropriate age category (pup, yearling, adult) assessed by cementum analyses; however, this success was limited for yearlings (53.5%) and adults (38.5%). Results could not corroborate future use of this approach for rapid aging of dead wolves. there remains a need for a wolf-aging technique that can be broadly implemented in a timely and cost-effective
manner, while also preserving the inherent trophy value of an intact skull.


Gray Wolf; age determination; baculum; canid; Canis lupus; cementum annuli; Wisconsin

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