A Review and the Conservation Implications of Aquatic Behaviour and Drowning in Jumping Mice (Dipodidae: Zapodinae)

Jennifer K. Frey


Jumping mice (Dipodidae: Zapodinae) have a generalized terrestrial quadrupedal locomotion with specializations for saltatory and scansorial locomotion. I reviewed first-hand accounts of aquatic behaviour in the literature and confirmed that jumping mice are semi-aquatic, using both primitive quadrupedal paddling on the surface as well as the more derived simultaneous bipedal pelvic paddling while swimming underwater. Although proficient swimmers, jumping mice are also prone to drowning, especially in human-made pools. Management of populations of jumping mice with conservation concern should consider potential hazards faced by jumping mice in an aquatic environment.


Endangered species; jumping mouse; Eozapus; Zapus; Napaeozapus; pitfall trap

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22621/cfn.v131i2.1869

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