Using an integrated recording and sound analysis system to search for Kirtland's Warbler (Setophaga kirtlandii) in Ontario

Stephen B. Holmes, Ken Tuininga, Kenneth A. McIlwrick, Margaret Carruthers, Eric Cobb


We used automated sound recording devices and analysis software to search for Kirtland’s Warbler (Setophaga kirtlandii) in northeastern Ontario. In 2012, we conducted surveys at 38 locations in three Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources administrative districts: Chapleau, Sault Ste. Marie, and Sudbury. We detected a Kirtland's Warbler at one location in Sault Ste. Marie District on a single date: June 6. We believe that the recording and analysis approach we used is an effective method for detecting Kirtland's Warbler, or other rare bird species, across extensive areas of their potential range.


Kirtland's Warbler; Setophaga kirtlandii; automated recording devices; sound analysis software; breeding range; northern Ontario; Algoma District

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