Movements of Two Rabid Raccoons, Procyon lotor, in Eastern Ontario

Rick Rosatte, Mike Allan, Rob Warren, Peter Neave, Todd Babin, Luke Buchanan, Dennis Donovan, Kirk Sobey, Chris Davies, Frances Muldoon, Alex Wandeler


An adult female Raccoon Procyon lotor was captured about 3 km north of Mallorytown, Ontario, on 27 August 2004, as part of a government rabies control program. The animal was vaccinated against rabies, ear-tagged and released, and recaptured the next day 1.7 km south of the initial capture location. Upon recapture, the Raccoon had porcupine quills in its facial area and seemed agitated and was submitted for rabies testing. It was confirmed as rabies positive on 31 August 2004, by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Similarly, a juvenile male raccoon was captured, ear-tagged, vaccinated, and released near Junetown, Ontario (about 4 km NW of the other rabid Raccoon) on 5 September 2004. It was found dying in a residential window well on 22 September 2004, 700 meters from the original capture location. It was diagnosed as rabid on 23 September 2004.


Raccoon; Procyon lotor; rabies; movement; disease transmission; Ontario

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