Additions to the Vascular Flora of Ontario, Canada, from the Sutton Ridges, Hudson Bay Lowland Ecoregion

Michael J. Oldham, Samuel R. Brinker


Field studies in the Hudson Bay Lowland ecoregion of northern Ontario during 2010 resulted in the discovery of four native vascular plant species not previously confirmed from the province: Arctic Bellflower (Campanula uniflora; Campanulaceae), Lapland Diapensia (Diapensia lapponica; Diapensiaceae), Alpine Azalea (Kalmia procumbens; Ericaceae), and Alpine Brook Saxifrage (Saxifraga rivularis; Saxifragaceae). These four species are widespread arctic plants occurring in both North America and Eurasia and were found on the Sutton Ridges, a Precambrian bedrock inlier surrounded by the extensive wetlands of the Hudson Bay Lowland.


Arctic Bellflower; Campanula uniflora; Campanulaceae; Lapland Diapensia; Diapensia lapponica; Diapensiaceae; Alpine Azalea; Kalmia procumbens; Ericaceae; Saxifraga rivularis; Saxifragaceae; range extensions; new records; arctic-alpine; Ontario; Canada

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