Alpine Plant Range Extensions for Northern British Columbia, Including Two Species New to the Province

Kendrick L. Marr, Richard J. Hebda, William H. MacKenzie


Between 2002 and 2011, we collected vascular plants from alpine areas of northern British Columbia (B.C.). We have found one species that has not previously been collected in the province: Phippsia algida. Collections of an additional three species represent significant range extensions of species already known to occur in the province: Aphragmus eschscholtzianus, Papaver alboroseum, and Montia bostockii. Our collections of Delphinium brachycentrum initially appeared to be the first records for the province; however, examination of herbarium specimens at the Royal British Columbia Museum herbarium indicated that this species had been collected prior to our field work but had been misidentified. We indicate the distribution of this species in B.C. for the first time, and we present a corrected distribution map for Tephroseris yukonensis that includes our own collections.


alpine vascular plants; new records; range extensions; Tephroseris yukonensis; Phippsia algida; Delphinium brachycentrum; Aphragmus eschscholtzianus; Papaver alboroseum; Montia bostockii; British Columbia

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