Additions and Range Extensions to the Vascular Plant Flora of the Continental Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Canada III

William J. Cody, Kenneth L. Reading


Fifteen native taxa are reported as new to either District of Keewatin (now Nunavut in part) or District of Mackenzie (Nunavut contains the northeastern portion): Aster puniceus, Astragalus eucosmus, Astragalus eucosmus f. albinus, Carex media, Epilobium latifolium f. albiflorum, Eriophorum viridi-carinatum, Erysiumum pallasii, Moneses uniflora, Najas flexilis, Potamogeton obtusifolius, Salix arctica x glauca, Salix glauca ssp. callicarpae, Salix myrtillifolia, Salix rotundifolia, Shepherdia canadensis, taxa are new to Northwest Territories overall. Significant range extensions for 157 native taxa are included.


Vascular plants; Mackenzie; Keewatin; Nunavut; flora; new records; range extensions; phytogeography

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