Subarctic Records and Range Extensions of Two Species of Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) in Churchill and Wapusk National Park, Manitoba

Thomas S. Woodcock, Peter G. Kevan, Robert E. Roughley


Two species of tiger beetle (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) were collected in the vicinity of Churchill, Manitoba and Wapusk National Park. Habitats were dry, sandy areas typically preferred by this family. No tiger beetle has been recorded from this region previously. Cicindela longilabris longilabris was collected in two localities, one south of Churchill and another on a relict beach ridge in Wapusk National Park. Cicindela limbata hyperborea was collected only on the beach ridge, where adults co-occurred with C. longilabris longilabris. These localities represent significant range extensions for both species.


Erratum included.


Cicindela longilabris Say; Cicindela limbata Say; Wapusk National Park; beach ridge

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