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Vol 133, No 1 (2019) Characteristics of Wolverine (Gulo gulo) dens in the lowland boreal forest of north-central Alberta Abstract   PDF
Michael E. Jokinen, Shevenell M. Webb, Douglas L. Manzer, Robert B. Anderson
Vol 119, No 3 (2005) Charactéristiques d'une population introduit du Grand brochet, Esox lucius, dans le lac Ramsay, Parc de la Gatineau, Québec, et impact sur l'ichtyofaune Abstract   PDF
Josiane Vachon, Brigitte F. Lavallée, François Chapleau
Vol 117, No 2 (2003) "Charles Darwin, The Power of Place" by J. Browne. 2002. [book review] Details   PDF
Tim T. Tokaryk
Vol 119, No 1 (2005) Charophytes of Insular Newfoundland II: Chara evoluta and Chara canescens Abstract   PDF
Henry Mann, E. M. V. Nambudiri
Vol 132, No 2 (2018) Checklist and status of the amphibians and reptiles of Essex County, Ontario: a 35 year update Abstract   PDF
Jonathan D. Choquette, Eric A. Jolin
Vol 121, No 1 (2007) "China Ecosystems" edited by Sun Honglie. 2005. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili, Qin Hong
Vol 123, No 3 (2009) "China Resource Plants" by Zhu Taiping et al. 2007. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili
Vol 122, No 1 (2008) "Chinese Wild Orchids" by Chen Xinqi, Ji Zhanhe and Luo Yibo. 2008. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi
Vol 122, No 4 (2008) "Choosing Wildness: My Life Among the Ospreys" by Claude Arbour, translated by Joan Irving. 2008. [book review] Details   PDF
C. Stuart Houston
Vol 119, No 1 (2005) Chronology of Range Expansion of the Coyote, Canis latrans, in New York Abstract   PDF
Heather M. Fener, Joshua R. Ginsberg, Eric W. Sanderson, Matthew E. Gompper
Vol 117, No 3 (2003) "City Wilds: Essays and Stories about Urban Nature" edited by Terrell F. Dixon. 2002. [book review] Details   PDF
R. Sander-Regier
Vol 134, No 1 (2020) Clarifying late Holocene Coyote (Canis latrans)–Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) sympatry in the western Great Lake states Abstract
Richard P. Thiel
Vol 132, No 3 (2018) Clark’s Nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) caching Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) seeds in trees Abstract   PDF
Paul Hendricks
Vol 117, No 4 (2003) "Cliff Ecology: Pattern and Process in Cliff Ecosystems" by Doug Larson, Uta Matthes, and Peter Kelly. 2000. [book review] Details   PDF
Tyler Smith
Vol 122, No 3 (2008) Cliff Roosting by Migrant Semipalmated Sandpipers, Calidris pusilla, at Farrier's Cove, Shepody Bay, New Brunswick Abstract   PDF
Colin M. MacKinnon, Julie Dulude, Andrew C. Kennedy, Sophie J. E. Surette, Peter W. Hicklin
Vol 125, No 3 (2011) "Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: Scientific, Social, Cultural and Educational Challenges" by UNESCO. 2009. [book review] Details   PDF
Falk Huettmann
Vol 127, No 1 (2013) "Climate Change Biological and Human Aspects (Second Edition)" by Jonathan Cowie. 2013. [book review] Details   PDF
Brent Tegler
Vol 130, No 2 (2016) Climate Warming as an Explanation for the Recent Northward Range Extension of Two Dragonflies, Pachydiplax longipennis and Perithemis tenera, into the Ottawa Valley, Eastern Ontario Abstract   PDF
Paul M Catling
Vol 129, No 3 (2015) "Climber’s Paradise: Making Canada’s Mountain Parks, 1906–1974" by Pearlann Reichwein. 2014. [book review] Details   PDF
Jim O'Neill
Vol 129, No 4 (2015) Cloud Sponge, Aphrocallistes vastus (Porifera: Hexactinellida), fragment healing and reattachment Abstract   PDF
Jeff Marliave
Vol 125, No 1 (2011) "Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Spartina Salt Marsh and Its Management in China" by Guan Daoming. 2009. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili
Vol 131, No 3 (2017) "Coexistence: The Ecology and Evolution of Tropical Biodiversity" by Jan Sapp, 2016. [book review] Details   PDF
Ted Armstrong
Vol 118, No 3 (2004) Collapsing Burrow Causes Death of a Eurasian Beaver, Castor fiber Abstract   PDF
Liat R. Thomsen, Fiona Sharpe, Frank Rosell
Vol 124, No 1 (2010) Colonial Waterbirds Nesting on Egg Island, Lake Athabasca, 2009 Abstract   PDF
Craig Hebert, Wayne Nordstrom, Laird Shutt
Vol 121, No 2 (2007) Colonization of Non-Traditional Range in Dispersing Elk, Cervus elaphus nelsoni, Populations Abstract   PDF
Fred Van Dyke
Vol 130, No 4 (2016) Colonization of the Beaufort Coastal Plain by Beaver (Castor canadensis): A Response to Shrubification of the Tundra? Abstract   PDF
Thomas S Jung, Jay Frandsen, Danny C Gordon, David H Mossop
Vol 119, No 1 (2005) "Common Birds of Ontario" by J. Duane [book review] Details   PDF
Clive E. Goodwin
Vol 123, No 2 (2009) Common Loon, Gavia immer, Breeding Success in Relation to Lake pH and Lake Size Over 25 Years Abstract   PDF
Robert Alvo
Vol 119, No 3 (2005) Common Loon, Gavia immer, Nest Attendance Patterns Recorded by Remote Video Camera Abstract   PDF
Wing Goodale, Lee Attix, David Evers
Vol 127, No 1 (2013) "Common Mosses of the Northeast and Appalachians" by Karl B. McKnight et al. 2013. [book review] Details   PDF
Roger Applegate
Vol 131, No 2 (2017) Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) Can Take Off from Water Abstract   PDF
Liam P. McGuire, R. Mark Brigham
Vol 123, No 1 (2009) "Common Wetland Plants in China" by Zhang Shuren. 2009. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili
Vol 125, No 4 (2011) Communal Oviposition in the Northern Two-lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata) in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Abstract   PDF
David L. LeGros
Vol 127, No 1 (2013) Community-Based Observations of Marine Mammal Occurrences in Groswater Bay, Labrador Abstract   PDF
Keith G. Chaulk, Daniel Michelin, Melva Williams, Tony Wolfrey
Vol 128, No 4 (2014) Comparing the diet of Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus) in rural and urban areas of southwestern British Columbia Abstract   PDF
Sofi Hindmarch, John E. Elliott
Vol 123, No 3 (2009) Comparison of a Population of Eastern Red-backed Salamanders, Plethodon cinereus, under Native Dominant Wood Coverboards and Natural Cover Objects Abstract   PDF
Jean-David Moore
Vol 121, No 1 (2007) Comparison of Scales, Pectoral Fin Rays and Opercles for Age Estimation of Ontario Redhorse, Moxostoma, Species Abstract   PDF
Scott M. Reid
Vol 117, No 4 (2003) Comparison of the Ground Vegetation in Spruce Plantations and Natural Forest in the Greater Fundy Ecosystem, New Brunswick Abstract   PDF
Cam Veinotte, Bill Freedman, Wolfgang Maass, Friederike Kirstein
Vol 122, No 3 (2008) Comparisons and Trends in White-tailed Deer, Odocoileus virginianus, Body Fat in Northeastern Minnesota, 1974-1990 Abstract   PDF
Kerry L. Nicholson, William J. Peterson, Warren B. Ballard
Vol 123, No 2 (2009) Complete Albinism in a Northern Red-backed Vole, Myodes rutilus, in Alaska Abstract   PDF
Jackson S. Whitman
Vol 130, No 3 (2016) "Complexity: The Evolution of Earth’s Biodiversity and the Future of Humanity" by William C. Burger, 2016. [book review] Abstract   PDF
Roger D Applegate
Vol 121, No 4 (2007) "Comprehensive Monograph of Contemporary Medicinal Plants (Volumes I-IV)" by Zhao Zhongzhen and Xiao Peigen. 2008. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili
Vol 123, No 2 (2009) "Comprehensive Research on Ecosystems of China" by Sun Honglie. 2009. [book review] Details   PDF
Li Dezhi, Qin Aili
Vol 127, No 1 (2013) "Concealing Coloration in Animals" by Judy Diamond and Alan Bond. 2013. [book review] Details   PDF
Roy John
Vol 120, No 1 (2006) Conditions for Sexual Interactions Between Wild Grey Wolves, Canis lupus, and Coyotes, Canis latrans Abstract   PDF
Richard P. Thiel
Vol 125, No 2 (2011) Conference announcements; Dr. John Wilson Eedy 1944-2003; Errata CFN 125(1):53 Details   PDF
Carolyn Callaghan
Vol 129, No 1 (2015) "Conrad Kain: Letters from a Wandering Mountain Guide, 1906-1933" edited by Zac Robinson. 2014. [book review] Details   PDF
Cyndi M. Smith
Vol 119, No 3 (2005) Consequences of Beaver, Castor canadensis, Flooding on a Small Shore Fen in Southwestern Quebec Abstract   PDF
Joyce M. Reddoch, Allan H. Reddoch
Vol 125, No 3 (2011) Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles Annual Symposium 2012; Dr. Kenneth William Stewart 1936-2011 Details   PDF
Carolyn Callaghan
Vol 118, No 3 (2004) "Conservation and Ecology of Turtles of the Mid-Atlantic Region: A Symposium" edited by Christopher W. Swarth, Willem M. Roosenburg and Erik Kiviat [book review] Details   PDF
David Seburn
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