Correlation Between Age Estimates for Elk, Cervus Elaphus, Using Tooth Wear/Eruption Patterns and Counts of Annuli in Tooth Cementum

Rick Rosatte, Andrew Silver, Mark Gibson, Bruce Chisholm, Norm Cool


Two different techniques, (1) tooth wear, tooth eruption patterns and other attributes and (2) counting annuli and seasonal growth zones in the cementum of incisor teeth, were used to estimate the age of Elk, Cervus elaphus, that were relocated from Alberta to Ontario, Canada. Age estimates for Elk ranged from 2 to 20 years, and a significant relationship was found between the ages acquired by the two methods. Critical to acquiring accurate age estimates for Elk were staff with extensive skill with respect to the aging technique utilized.


Elk; Cervus elaphus; age estimates; annuli; cementum; tooth wear

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