The Spindle Tree, Euonymus europaea L. (Celastraceae): A Newly Naturalized Shrub in Nova Scotia

David J. Garbary, Amy E. Deveau


Over 100 plants, including over 750 individual shoots, of Euonymus europaea L. are reported from the Town of Antigonish in northern Nova Scotia. Plants were found in five discrete areas separated by 200-1000 m. A few individuals at one site may represent human planting; however, over 90% of plants occur on waste ground or in dense shrubbery where natural colonization has occurred. Many individuals were observed in fruit in the fall of 2005, and over 95% of the plants had well developed buds and flowers in May and early June 2006. Euonymus europaea is considered a newly naturalized species for the flora of Nova Scotia.


Spindle Tree; Euonymus europaea; introductions; naturalized; Nova Scotia

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