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Harpalejeunea molleri subsp. integra (R.M. Schuster) Damsholt new to Atlantic Canada

Sean R. Haughian, Thomas H. Neily


Harpalejeunea molleri subsp. integra (R.M. Schuster) Damsholt is reported for the first time in Atlantic Canada. It was found on the base of a large Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) in a swamp in Nova Scotia. The specimen was examined using light microscopy, diagnosed using standard keys, and compared with reference specimens, including two European collections from the New Brunswick Museum, two North American collections annotated by R.M. Schuster, and the only material that may have been previously collected in Canada, by T. Drummond. We speculate on the original location of Drummond’s collection, and the implications of this finding for conservation.


Liverwort; Nova Scotia; hepatic; Lejeuneaceae

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