Butterflies Recorded on Flattop Mountain, Anchorage, Alaska

Lance A. Durden


Eleven species of butterflies were recorded on Flattop Mountain, Anchorage, Alaska, during a four-day period in July 2006: Colias philodice vitabunda (Clouded Sulphur), Pieris angelika angelika (Arctic White), Lycaena dorcas arcticus (Dorcas Copper), Plebejus glandon bryanti (Arctic Blue), Plebejus idas alaskensis (Northern Blue), Plebejus optilete yukona (Cranberry Blue), Boloria charliclea butleri (Purplish Fritillary), Boloria alaskensis alaskensis (Mountain Fritillary), Speyeria mormonia bischoffii (Mormon Fritillary), Oeneis bore mckinleyensis (White-veined Arctic), and Carterocephalus palaemon skada (Arctic Skipperling). Based on previously published distribution maps, the records for Plebejus idas and P. optilete represent range extensions; P. optilete was relatively common in sheltered valleys on the mountain.


butterflies; Northern Blue; Plebejus idas; Cranberry Blue; Plebejus optilete; range extensions; Alaska; Anchorage

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22621/cfn.v125i4.1264

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